Autumn and Winter Holidays in the Mountains

Why travel in winter? Why in the quiet time?
Because we can only recharge our batteries in the quiet time!
Why go on vacation where you have nature?
Because we find peace in the silence and draw energy from it. Holiday bliss for the heart!

Stand in awe and amazement the first time at the Senales Glacier. Where three-thousanders line the end of the valley andd Ötzi rested in the ice for 5,300 years, winter adventures await behind every snow hill. On the slopes at over 3,000 meters, on the cross-country trails and the toboggan run, in Europe's highest hotel, and on the breathtaking Iceman Ötzi Peak. Glide from Kurzras with the glacier cable car to the top and you'll notice: Even the crystal-clear mountain air here smells of adventure. Skiing, snowshoeing (courses for beginners too) in the Senales ski area, or Meran 2000 ski area!! Tobogganing, pop sledding, free rental, and down to our farm...

Winter at Patleidhof

Tracking Forest Animals

Also very native are animals like foxes, rabbits, deer, and stags. They must also go in search of food in icy temperatures and high snow. True survival artists are also chamois and ibex. If a winter is particularly harsh, these animals leave the high mountains and migrate down into the valley. At this point, we would like to ask you one thing: If you encounter wild animals on a winter hike, please behave quietly and retreat. If the animals are frightened and have to run away, it costs them an incredible amount of valuable energy. Winter hikes on trails to serviced alpine pastures. Ice skating in the center of Naturns, swimming in the indoor pool in Naturns (pack your swimwear!!), snowball fights... or comfortably enjoying a homemade herbal tea by candlelight...

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