The Hospitality

Hospitality is in our blood!

In a natural and always helpful way, we try to give each guest a temporary home. Working with our guests and friends brings us great satisfaction. Our greatest joy is witnessing the transformation of our guests.
Perhaps our most valuable asset is the peace and tranquility far from the usual everyday life. Cozy spots around our farm offer plenty of space and time to let your soul dangle.

Hospitality - Experience Farm Life
Hospitality - Experience Farm Life

Experience Farm Life

Our mountain farm specializes in dairy farming and is home to about a dozen dairy cows and young cattle. Around 20 hectares of meadows are cultivated around the house. By participating in milking, mucking out, and feeding the cows and calves, you'll get to know the daily life of a farmer. For the children, there is a mini-zoo with goat "Bartl", sheep "Heidi", pigs, and several cats. A flock of clucking chickens with a crowing rooster in the morning provides your breakfast eggs. The cats lazily sun themselves and often tease our loyal farm dog. You are welcome to visit the animals in our barn. We ask parents to accompany their children!

Vacation with a Dog

Dogs are welcome as they are among man's best friends.

However, not every fellow guest is a dog lover,

so we kindly ask you not to bring your dog into the dining room. Please do not shower the dog in the bathroom. Please register your dog at the time of booking. Bring your own blanket and food. The price for the accompanying dog is usually 20.00 € per night.

Animals at Patleidhof
Animals at Patleidhof

In the Stable

On average, our stable houses 20 milking cows of the Brown Swiss breed along with young cattle and calves. . The young cattle are taken to the alpine pastures at the end of May and return to the stable around All Saints' Day. The cows are milked and fed twice daily, at 6:30 AM and 6:30 PM. You are welcome to join us in the stable during milking time, and those who wish can certainly lend a hand. The evening milk is cooled and, along with the morning milk, taken to the collection center. At 10:00 AM, the milk truck arrives to transport the milk to the „Algunder Sennerei“ dairy. There, it is processed into yogurt, cheese, ricotta, butter and other delicious products. Our pets are faithful animals for petting, suitable for both young and old. However, please always remember that animals can be unpredictable. The only restriction is that our pets are not allowed in the living room and the house, as there is plenty of space outside. Everyone is welcome to help with egg collection in the afternoon when the chickens are also allowed into the greenery.

Farm Tour

We enjoy introducing guests to the entire farmstead and its history. You are also welcome to taste a glass of raw milk.

Hay Harvest

If you would like to experience the hay harvest, you are welcome to join us in the fields. Our meadows are mowed three times a year; at the beginning of June, the end of July, and the beginning of September.

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